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What is the mark of love?

How did it come about?

The research-journalist Müge Anlı has invited thousands of relatives to her program to find their missed ones and she was successful in this endeavor. On one hand she was happy with the families, but on the other hand she has been thinking, how the people, who can't express themselves, can be found in the fastest possible way. With the experience she gained from the program, she developed the "mark of love" project. And with the opening of the www.benibuldular.com website her project was launched.

According to the project, the people, who are endangered of getting lost, will receive a mark of love number on their left wrist. This number is a code for the contact information of the relatives of the bearer. The webpage of the mark of love will keep all the information in confidence. Only on demand will the information be given to the authorities.

The system of the mark of love: if you find someone, who can't express themselves, check their left wrist for the mark of love. You call Müge Anlı and her team, and tell them the mark of love number. They will check the database of www.benibuldular.com and contact the relatives of the missed person.

Additionally the family can call Müge Anlı to report a missing person by giving the mark of love number and other information.

The aim of Müge Anlı's project is to bring back people, who can't express themselves nor tell the number or address of their relatives.

How can I have the mark of love done?

It is actually really easy.

First you have to fill the form on the webpage www.benibuldular.com, once you finished the page will automatically give you your mark of love number.

On the page you can find on "Where to get it done?", as the name suggest, where you can have it made in your country. With this mark of love tattoo, your relative, who you've been worried about, will have a security.

It is important to state that the information given about the bearer of the mark of love and their relative isn't shared anywhere or to any third party. Only upon request, the information will be given to the authorities.

Where can I get it?

On our website www.benibuldular.com click on "Where to get it done" option. If you select Turkey the following screen will show a map of Turkey. You can learn about all of our mark of love studios. Choose your city, and the address and phone number of the nearest studio will be presented to you. You can have your mark after making an appointment.

For our citizens unable to access internet, they can call the following number 05301513151 and get their mark numbers and learn about locations of the nearest studios. Marks will be free of charge for those mentally challenged and those suffering from Alzheimer and Down syndrome.

Our first lost person was found

Mentally challenged Murat Tunç was lost in Istanbul Sancaktepe on December 14th, 2015. His elder sister Şehnaz Bozkurt had him get a mark. Same day, a police officer called our program and told us he found a challenged citizen with the mark on his arms.

Using our database in www.benibuldular.com we found out that he was Murat Tunç himself. We notified his elder sister Şehnaz Bozkurt and gave her the happy news.

He was found within hours and delivered to his loving family. His sister's words; "If he hadn't got that mark, he would still be outside".

He was united with his family just with a phone call; without any lost person notices or being sent to social services.


0530 151 31 51


Itgin insani tapdinizsa zaman itirmeden Azerbaycan nömremizi tecili zeng edin. : +994 504 008 584

How much do I pay for
a ‘mark of love’?

It is free for those, who are endangered of getting lost (mentally disabled, elderly). Other people may need to pay a fee.

Where to get it

Have the ‘mark of love’ done for free.